We offer our services to businesses, individuals, as well as fleet handlers who pay attention to their environment and efficiency.

If you purchase or hire the Rolling Wash technology, we will provide you free of charge with a training on the technology and upon request descriptions of equipment necessary for a more complex service.


The package includes our mobile car washing unit and supplies of basic detergent, wax, special wiping cloth sets and other accessories sufficient for months of use.


The package includes our mobile car washing unit and a starting kit with basic detergent, wax, and a special wiping cloth set.

Rolling Wash - Eco Cleaning mobile team:

For car fleets our mobile team will clean the vehicles and provide car cosmetic services at a site determined by the customer.

A 1-year-long warranty is provided for the car washing machines after hiring or purchasing. After the warranty expires we provide our partners with maintenance and service at a discounted price.

As part of the complex service we offer full sterilization and deodorization with "ozone shocker", another environmentally friendly technology. Unlike other deodorization methods, this technology does not repress odors, but will eliminate the root cause, the bacteria.

For a car washing system with installed at a fixed location we recommend the AWG system, which gains water from air humidity with the help of a solar panel. With this technology all the elements of the car wash is environmentally friendly.

Prices are determined after customer demands are clarified.