We use a new environmentally friendly method to wash vehicles that meets the highest standards.

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide quick, high-quality, scratch-free and efficient car cosmetic services conveniently where your car is parked, effectively eliminating your wait. Unlike conventional car-washing methods, Rolling Wash is environmentally friendly, since the process utilizes environmentally-sound cleaning materials and technology. During our wash we make your car sparkling clean using only 1-2 liters of water and biodegradable chemicals, and we do it without disposing a drop of water waste into the environment. The washing is stain-free so it could even take place in a bedroom. As a result our staff does not have to wear any protective gear. We aim to contribute to the creation of an environmentally conscious society. Through choosing the Rolling Wash technology you can be part of a community that protects our environment and resources.

You can set up a fixed car-washing station or you can use the services of our mobile unit.

What makes our service great and unique is the fact that you can wash a vehicle using very little water. One car can be washed with as little as 1-2 liters of water. Also, the fact that it is a portable unit allows us to be mobile and use it anywhere. It does not require any direct connection to water pipes or the sewage system. The internal cleaning of the vehicles (vacuuming and cleaning the upholstery) needs 220-230 V (with an extension wire the plug can be as far as 50 meters) or the converter (from 12 V to 220 V) in the mobile team's car. Compared to conventional methods the Rolling Wash technology allows you to clean vehicles in a quicker, more efficient and more environmentally friendly way. The chart below shows the difference:


Compared to traditional automated or manual car washing techniques Rolling Wash can save up to 65-70% of the costs in terms of resources (water, detergent, clothes and accessories) and energy. This technology does not only saves water but protects the environment in other ways too. The applied chemicals contain biodegradable materials, and therefore they do not pollute the environment. During the washing process no waste-water is generated, and no pollutant is disposed into the environment.

The water collected in our wastewater container is allowed to be disposed in the sewage system. The Rolling Wash mobile car washing unit is created to allow 2 people to wash a vehicle at the same time. This way a vehicle with average contamination can be cleaned inside and outside in 35-40 minutes.

Note that the Rolling Wash technology was optimized for the quick and efficient cleaning of vehicles with average, city contamination on them. It is not suitable to clean surfaces with clay and heavy mud on them, and large trucks or buses.

Also bear in mind that when the washing takes place outside in temperatures below 4-5 degrees Celsius, the efficiency of the technology reduces.

Outside wash

The most important fact about the technology is that it uses very little water (1-2 liters) to clean a vehicle. The cleaning can be done manually step by step from surface to surface. To maintain the high quality it is essential to keep the order prescribed.

The first step is to spray the chassis with a mixture of water and car-wash detergent. The spray is created by the low-pressure pump of the mobile unit and can be sprayed on the surface through a spray pistol. The amount of the sprayed mixture can be so little that it does not drip onto the floor from the chassis. The sprayed contamination is withdrawn from the chassis with a highly absorbent microfiber cloth. The cloth must not be pushed onto the chassis. The sprayed mixture is completely absorbed by the microfiber cloth. If the cloth gets contaminated, then it can be washed in the mobile unit with the help of the spray pistol. The wastewater generated at this time flows into the closed wastewater container. This way we protect our environment from all the harmful materials.

In the second phase the chassis is wiped dry with another special microfiber cloth. Afterwards, the plastic, rubber parts and the tyres are treated. Rubber and plastic care materials are sprayed onto rubber and plastic surfaces respectively through a dispenser from a container. They are then applied and spread evenly on the surfaces with a sponge or brush, and is wiped if necessary.

Then the glass surfaces are cleaned with some glass cleaner, which is sprayed on the surface and then wiped off with a microfiber cloth. While the alloy wheels are being cleaned we place a used microfiber cloth around the wheel to make sure that no chemical can possibly get on the ground. The cleaning material for the alloy wheels is sprayed onto the surface through a dispenser and is then wiped off with a microfiber cloth.

Upon the client's request the vehicle's chassis is waxed. In this case wax is sprayed onto the surface through a dispenser and then the chassis is wiped with a microfiber cloth. When wax is applied, the cleaning of glass surfaces is the last step.

With this the outside cleaning is finished. The surrounding of the car remains clean throughout the entire process.

Inside cleaning

During the inside cleaning, all waste is collected from the vehicle, and then with a 12 V car-vacuum cleaner, or upon request and if available with a high-performance upholstery cleaner the upholstery and carpets are cleaned. The dust collected in this phase in the vacuum cleaner's dust bag is then disposed along with the refuse from the car into a designated plastic bag. Then plastic care material is sprayed through a dispenser onto plastic surfaces inside. These surfaces are then wiped with a microfiber cloth. As a last step glass surfaces are wiped from the inside.

Special requests can be attended as well. Upon request, leather care, resin and tar solvents and sticker removers are available along with the appropriate technology.